You are the KILI to my FILI

like an angel 

i ship them

i ship them

COLORS in True Detective

Some of Yuzuru Hanyu’s curtain call pose :) 


inane pictures of Thorin Oakenshield

Picture 1 -  ämmmm … ^^””’  Thokachu  *drop*

Picture 2 - eat a burger

Picture 3 -i am so pritty in my fat suit ^^”’

Picture 4 -and eat again (cake)

Picture 5 - Horse shit on shoe - yeah, Thorin does not look wherever he goes, he just goes (and go lost ^^”’)

Picture 6 - most beautiful butt ever *lol*

Picture 7 - permanent serious, it just was not possible XDDDDD (Throllinoakenshield as Thranduil)

Picture 8 - perfect expression XDDDDDDDD

I still have some more pictures but for now suffice it ^-^

Hello everyone, this is Fili· The lion